Circle Wall Art

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Circle Wall Art Wallpaper is a new interior design product ready to turn heads – upside down in awe. Beautiful Rough Textured Self Adhesive Wallpaper Circle Art. Get ready to make bold moves – without the commitment or budget of a full room wallpaper application. Interior designers love it because you can now have trending art pieces directly onto your walls.

With Circle Wall Art designs – you have instant Art pieces at affordable prices that can easily be changed as decor trends change. Add that splash of crazy colour to your newly painted walls or bring the outside inside with a nature, tropical, jungle or botanical theme. Clients love it because its self-adhesive so you don’t need an application team to stick it to your wall. Hotels and restaurants love it because they can renovate many rooms without an enormous budget.

This product is water resistant – making it a perfect ‘must have’ for any room (including bathrooms or kitchens with some water splashes or steam) And its not paper based or woven which means its hard wearing, long lasting and non-tear. It has a rough canvas texture making it a premium and original décor product! It’s a great product for House renovation projects AND Perfect as a Birthday or Wedding or Baby shower Gift idea! Circle Wall Art Wallpaper comes in two different standard sizes: 500mm and 1000mm diameter. Start dreaming and do something daring with your space!

Custom sizes and Designs available on request to

International Shipping available – Its lightweight and ships in a mailing shoot.

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